Best Work Boots

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Work Boots

Work boots are essential for workplace safety. It is a must, mainly, for those who manage blue collar jobs. Just like every other item available in the market, not all work boots are created equal. There is no single standard for manufacturing these safety shoes. That makes it important for any prospective buyer to weigh down all the options and see which fits right into their needs perfectly. What are your criteria? Below, we have listed the top five considerations that would usher you to the best work boots choice.

1. Overall Comfort

Fit is king when it comes to something that you wear. Since work boots fall under that classification, you should pay attention to your level of comfort, which mostly depends on how well they would fit on your feet. If your pair of work boots barely fit, you will feel the pinch after just a few hours of wearing them. This could take a toll on your productivity. This could also put you at risk for foot injuries.

Under comfort, there are three important points:

* Design. This is all about the shape and overall outward appearance of your work boots. Ideally, a comfortable pair of safety shoes have rounded toes, thick and flat soles, and extra padding on key areas (i.e., heel, toe, collar, tongue).

* Material. Leather is the preferred boot material that’s not only guaranteed to offer the best comfort but also durability. It is a strong material; it is also pliable. The best type of leather to make a good, comfortable, durable pair of work boots is the thicker, full-grain kind. Otherwise, if the work boots are made up of the softer kind, it must be reinforced by extra padding or leather strips to make them stand the common wear and tear of regular, heavy use and close in on the difference.

* Insoles. The quality of the insoles of your safety footwear is very important when it comes to comfort. You feel it right as you first slip on the pair. If it feels like tiny pillows are set up to cradle your foot, you are in the right shoe. Insoles provide another layer of comfort, separating your bare foot from the soles. They should be thick but feel springy and light. They should also be made of a moisture-wicking material to keep your foot dry amid getting sweaty from the heavy demands you are mostly up to in the course of fulfilling the demands of your job.

2. Weather

Work boots need to be weatherproof to stand the test of times. It is not always sunny or rainy or freezing cold, whichever part of the world you are in. There are those days when you might get wet, get really sweaty, or get frozen – all while you are in the midst of

performing your job. To keep up, your pair of work boots must be able to deal with the kind of day you are facing. When it is raining and wet all over, you normally need waterproof work boots. When days get really hot and you can get all sweaty, losing concentration on what you are set out to do in the process, you need a pair that’s non-metallic and will not transfer heat. It’s a pair made of a material that’s pliable and lightweight and durable, like leather. When temperatures in your workplace hit low, you need an insulated pair of work boots. Insulation helps keep feet warm from the inside, keeping your toes from freezing out and falling off. Can you get all three features in a single pair? The answer is yes, but it may come with a hefty price tag.

3. Job Type

Another important consideration that should define the best kind of work boots for you is your job type. What you will need it for will give you an idea on which you should put your money on. Are you working in a construction site? Then, you will need something that has midsoles made of steel to keep you from injuries in case you step on a nail or you figure in a similarly dangerous situation. Electricians need a pair of work boots that could protect them against electrical charges. There are those available that could keep you safe for up to 600 volts. Armed men and women who work in the police or military department would ace their jobs if they are in a pair of comfortable and durable pair that will allow them to move freely. A lightweight material that makes flexible movement possible is ideal in this case.

4. Safety

Safety is the point of wearing work boots. That’s exactly why they are also known as safety shoes or safety footwear. There is no sense going for something that look handsome and charming on your feet but will not have even a level of protection against common hazards that exist in your workplace. Safety first, aesthetics last. Put that in mind when considering what kind of work boots to buy.

5. Price

Of course, there is always the money issue that you cannot simply put aside. Let’s face it, the features that are a must to reinforce the idea of wearing work boots come with a price. If you cannot afford it, all your efforts for discerning go to waste. Then again, since work boots are considered primarily for you to be able to perform well in your job post and earn a living, it is definitely worth investing. The better idea, instead of settling down for a less ideal pair that’s inexpensive, is to save up for the best pair. There is so much at stake here: your safety, your comfort, and your productivity in the work that you need to do.

Your work boots choice can make or break you. When workplace safety is an issue, you will need a good amount of time deciding what fits you perfectly, in all aspects. It will not hurt to be doubly sure because your life – yes, your entire life – is on the line here.